Super Ace EX2

Turbocharged versatility.

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The new Tata Bolt is the perfect fusion of sporty design and thrilling performance.

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Xenon Evolve 2.2L DC 4X2

Take it to the Xtreme.

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A stylish hatchback thoughtfully designed for families who prefer spacious vehicles.

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Tata Super Ace
Tata Bolt on Freeway
Tata Xenon Evolve Black
Tata Vista On Mountain Pass
Super Ace EX2 - Turbocharged versatility.

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5 Simple Tips to Avoiding Smash-and-Grabs

Unfortunately, car-related crime – particularly smash-and-grabs – are a fairly common occurrence within South Africa. They’re often over before you’ve even had time to register what is happening, which makes them hard to combat. But due to the nature of the crime,...

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5 of the Most Challenging Motor Races in the World

We’re all familiar with the incredible talent you need to drive a Formula One (F1) car, arguably the most challenging of any car to drive, putting F1 racers at the top of the sport. But there are a huge number of perilous, incredibly difficult races that take place...

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